Another take on the binary to text encoding

by Ciprian Dorin Craciun ( on 

A few words about one of my latest open-source projects, z-tokens, that among other thinks, also tries to tackle this problem but providing more added value compared to existing solutions.

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Yet another incompatible alternative

As I've started discussing in yesterday's article about binary to text encoding, I want to sell my own snake-oil in the form of an open-source project:

=> z-tokens -- random tokens generation and related tools

This is my own take on "all token related swiss army knife tool", that besides generating passwords / passphrases and other tokens, has this nice exchange armor / exchange dearmor sub-command that tries to put together in a unique package some of the features I've discussed in the mentioned article.

Please note that at the moment the format is experimental, and most likely prone to backward incompatible changes!

The dump that is worth a thousand words

z-tokens exchange armor < /usr/share/syslinux/mbr.bin
#01,  2ymHZ9BtGEtTd 2gUAFKhkdGG6G bpmVaU3c5LJo  3U9aUZP9CToy  42umy5e4T9XME
#02,  3TPuiaMuQdHab 3Je8iXRUn2aAD 4zg1wNnj3Mmn  2fwxaqQFaALZF 32cf2bmqKr8Ez
#03,  AFk2KBm56ujk  3DsRPK3Vd8UuU 2HDGG1rFap63P 3VB96ygabKH68 XUbLGpH1ddRR
#04,  34iM3hC9S1X7o 2iDftFE4SKcJp 3641UPkGoQRtf wRuC6S1WpJR   BtJJZ7KoJTZi
#05,  2NQuVKc3ikJgM 3L5MRHQqRH2WH 2YVDeALy63kUx pghKDbvw7rqE  3QZK3MSPsC4Gf
#06,  3hEWV6sm1gVXJ 2SMEeaZn3SiLz 3211KnwHHX42K GqXM56S1nLrN  2GVrZYS6z8y72
#07,  DBQ6gYpd6Vu5  3mTV76GnUwLbb Mm6P1gRs1cJx  2rG2v3Shu3VNJ 2UynV4L2FxHiK
#08,  THXSoaBVgKAu  jFPa1tzhSYqE  3t32YALoQNC1r 2hGAP4HKJ2m2p fwqsXuAJgUfj
#09,  2wD6VybecDXwo 2Fy4aq75Q52kF 2WdmPf5UK7Gz5 22SfKnQjbAdbH 3PyUawhEQg4Br
#10,  2qwmWNGkCkD5V 3DbLXJKqfEikW 2rbAtvoFwThfR 2U9P2QgCKyQHr g5R5fvRYGiHz
#11,  2CUChvS6D2Es  2gBBynWN3Andd 1gkYuuLNJCtU  wwmEVTML5Zgu  3pJS9q8jYZ1xG
#12.  YY

Features and helpful traits

What does it provide:

Besides all that, it also focuses on human friendliness:

Undesired features

What it doesn't provide:

How about encoding efficiency?

A single word: meh!

Move along! Nothing to see here!

z-tokens exchange armor < /etc/hosts | wc -c
#>> 998

cat < /etc/hosts | basenc --base64 | wc -c
#>> 2088

wc -c < /etc/hosts
#>> 1543

Tipping my hat to others

Were any of these features original? Obviously not!

However, I've yet to find a tool that combines all of the above in a single package!

Here are a few places I took inspiration from:

Looking under the hood

As mentioned, the code and format is still experimental, and I would like to play with it for a while before putting it into a proper proposal.

However, here is a short overview (as of the time of publishing) of the encoding algorithm:

The decoding algorithm is applying all of the above in reverse, with the following observations:

Not yet convinced?

curl | bash alternative

What if instead of:

curl -L \
| bash -s -- --daemon

## or taking some inspiration from RustUp

curl --proto =https --tlsv1.2 -sSLf \
| bash -s -- --daemon

We could write:

z-tokens exchange dearmor << 'EOS' | bash -s -- --daemon

#01,  4Ee97kVpkDywW tGRXPAJgEs49  2SboChQsHG284 3NVnotR6pURSR 2bFvgrwRdg8Kx
#02,  28Czbx5F2RLZP 24wZh58BW6LLn 2fcy3fG11dxJ1 2DL1gZoz7ELm2 321YaubTZXzHr
#03,  xWcPmgkpRiUf  mNMVv5vBmJPE  2tSPLLvbnne5N YcrZEDbzgF5Z  3sX13dAQ8GoYW
#04,  3kX66iVVn7kji vpyEMacVP2eH  4AQZ7MpuL5SYz 3GcRBqyjp8qrp 4EAhq5j1Z2e6R
#41,  3ybPRnG4k61hb YTJRpdYXTvjy  2JSgqRRMbFFMG 3xmLgZ7LNAvoU dfJew7e8QcfK
#42,  DbTCjg56CypK  mwu9jUReX6bz  32ERojR93rtdX 2RZBu52uwg2mJ 3pcJMXPVLkqgg
#43,  R2P9hSwDLSE7  2Ra8xdUjd4zbD 42L3R98j5pgno 2hTsTVTHT8Ecm 2rXMxEEEBti9q
#44.  mhK2L6U2GhGp  32a


It's perhaps 45 lines longer, but at least it's somewhat safer, and at least reproducible (assuming the script is deterministic) at a later time.

Printed backups

Care to double-check each and every character of your OCR?

restic init -r ./backups
cat ./backups/keys/93ff9f940dc8de0d22fd93075659c879be12d72bbfc61ffc73a30452327b9df4 \
| z-tokens exchange armor

#01,  2iiT1Jc7g73FT 2iH2VmFsattXj 26z5LgkziQgzy erwACWogRTYe  Qy9CLNRvZauL
#02,  2AiayWqhpzYqR 3SHvNCvXNRY8  3NKkoG1g5ZZST 3aWYhRrSc98Zu 3ndYfK8QJj3kK
#03,  2fVWT7XKXDyrs 2kEnZLEgiHHKi fNazuikccYm3  itrzum9a9F8v  3t2WJLQ9LTZw2
#04,  3GypVk8cfHGUN 3TEnfUcbNnFfo CvedQwHDiAb1  2z6peBbQsDnse 25Nu2NmPpXWdp
#05,  j5h4Vk18ymkZ  2dwDZSp46Hbmv 34173BxNoG9wK 2VgRh6LtK8RWX fPNjdNWr39Lf
#06,  3SgGGQcb2Gaok 4WfQBqFX4mBX  2PCpkWJtD9hKS 2tAkcis45is7u 27TL86niS58c4
#07,  3n263eoNNqTbw 3RSZkmHiRVj5y NdpUjxfF2Sze  2QP9y25dZopMC 4C8AG3JN2dcAv
#08,  3ckDkKtQfDjqw Qs12o8KsDAU3  2gcXM1qMiuGRm BF6pUkdKZKKh  3JenYYrMS4iBU
#09,  2HEYTVvqLNr1K 9xh6FQBuLjzP  Zqb2KDcCQLtQ  2tov7UCUeeYQG 2GMLFbNcNsQ2Q
#10.  2sjpzsbCxqjPo 218Cxnojckw8Q 3kAjBJhcEYHLe 287y9yLqx
cat ./backups/keys/93ff9f940dc8de0d22fd93075659c879be12d72bbfc61ffc73a30452327b9df4 \
| base64


Comments and feedback

If you like (or even hate) the idea, let me know via my email in the feedback section, or open a discussion or issue in the project's repository over at Github.