[remark] Useful Firefox addons

by Ciprian Dorin Craciun (https://volution.ro/ciprian) on 

A few Firefox addons I use on a daily basis.

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My main (and mostly only) browser is Firefox (on Linux); although I do use multiple profiles thus I don't mix my "web-site" surfing with my "web-app" usage (each application gets its own profile).

However, to enhance its capabilities I'm also relying on a few (open-source) addons.

A very important observation though, I never use plugins within application profiles, especially with things such as internet banking (which is brittle enough as it is). I use these plugins only for my generic, unauthenticated browsing.

First, let's get the "you need these to actually use the internet" category:

Then there are a few other small but extremely useful addons:

In a previous life I've also used the following addons, but most aren't needed any more, or were replaced by some on the list above:

And finally, here are some extensions that I've used to use, but which aren't available anymore (mainly due to internal Firefox changes):

As a bonus, here are some addons that my friends swear by: