Good to know -- issue 2019.02

by Ciprian Dorin Craciun ( on 

Articles and tools I've found interesting in the last few days.

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About "Good to know"

Each morning during my "coffee hour" I read a couple of IT (and photography) related articles from various sources.

And each couple of days I intend to create a note of the most worthwhile articles or tools that I've encountered. So far it took around 2 months since my previous issue... :)

(for the web developer) Google's plan to "ensuring HTTPS pages can only load secure sub-resources"

Starting with Chrome 79 Google intends to rewrite, behind the scenes, various http:// URL's to https://.

They will start with scripts, CSS, and by Chrome 81 (due for February 2020), anything that fails to correctly load over HTTPS will be blocked.

One can already force this in all modern browsers by setting the HTTP response header:

Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests

(for the Go web developer) Arguments against heavy-weight Go web frameworks

I've just started a Go-based project that will require an web API / dashboard / site. Thus I've started searching for some Go-based web frameworks / libraries.

Apparently the general consensus is that one is better-off without heavy-weight Rails-like frameworks, and better served by mix-and-matching various smaller libraries:

I have also reviewed all the libraries and frameworks listed at Awesome Go, and the following are my choices (as of now):

(for "the ancient one" Linux administrator) "A developer goes to a DevOps conference"

A humoristic take on "DevOps" culture... (It made my day...) :) :)

(for the Linux network operator) Low-level details about Linux networking stack

I must admit I haven't thoroughly read these articles, but rather skimmed over them. However, now I know where to look when I have network performance issues: