Choosing Linux RAID5 chunk size (part 3) -- Ext4 / CDNjs raw data

by Ciprian Dorin Craciun ( on 

About choosing the "right" RAID5 chunk size on Linux systems, and related benchmarks. This part provides the raw data from the CDNjs benchmark.

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This is the second part on this topic preceeded by:


The next phase in my RAID5 chunk size benchmark tries to take into account the file-system, namely Ext4.

Therefore in this part I quickly describe the methodology and the raw data. (An in-depth analysis and conclusions would follow in a separate part.)

The methodology...

The raw data (metrics)...

The following metrics are reported:

The raw data (graphs)...

File-system, Git, and cat graphs

md5sum summary graphs

md5sum heatmaps

md5sum detailed graphs

To be continued...