Hello world!

by Ciprian Dorin Craciun (https://volution.ro/ciprian) on 

About this site, it's purpose and goals.

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--- Hello world!
--- Hello internet! (and various "for-the-people" agencies looking through our traffic...)
--- Hello web (1.0)! (and if need-be "web 2.0", but it's not required...)
--- Hello Gopher! (however I can't say this because Gopher is now dead...) 😞

This site is the new home for my personal notes and snippets.

By "my" I mean "Ciprian Dorin Craciun" and you can find more about me at:

Getting back to the matter at hand, this site, it leverages the following technologies:

Thus I would like to thank everyone that created and maintain these various technologies (open-source or just "free")! Without your effort I wouldn't be able to spout my ramblings upon the world.

And nonetheless I would like to thank anyone that allocates some time and energy to read these words.

--- Thank you all!
--- and Welcome!